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Maasai Beaded Earrings

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Item Code: J-E601
Wholesale Price: $3.95 per ONE
Each pair is totally hand-made and unique; no two are alike. Small/Medium size is approx. 1"-2". Large size is approx 2.5:-3". Made in Kenya. J-E601
Set Of 12 Brass Copper & Silver Earrings

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Item Code: J-Set18
Wholesale Price: $24.95 per Dozen
# in Stock:  37
Set of twelve Brass, Copper, and Silver Earrings
New, popular and exciting designs, with prices that let anyone own theirs. Earrings are 1"-1.5" big. Made in India. Set of twelve pairs of earrings
Set Of 12 Metallic Ankh Earrings

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Item Code: J-Set115
Wholesale Price: $24.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  16
Set of 12 Metallic Ankh Earrings
Celebrate the symbolism of Africa while your ears glimmer and glow with these ankh earrings. The Ankh symbol is famous throughout Africa as a symbol of fertility
XX-Large Fula Gold Earrings - 2"

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Item Code: J-E325
Wholesale Price: $17.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  33
Fula Gold Twist Earrings. Very lightweight, twisted bronze with true gold look. In many African communities, personal adornment signifies honor, status and wealth. With gold being one of the most ...
Set Of 6 Agate Earrings

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Item Code: J-Set4
Wholesale Price: $15.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  107
Re-create beauty every day! Create an irresistible new impression with these six agate earrings. Each one comes in a different brilliant shade of turquoise, ebony, emerald, white, midnight, and ...
Set Of 12 Small Brass Earrings

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Item Code: J-Set40
Wholesale Price: $13.95 per Dozen
# in Stock:  90
Set of Twelve Engraved Brass Earrings
Glimmer and glow with twelve new brass earrings. Each one has a different style and engraving, while some have beautiful vibrant colors. You'll find ...
Set Of 6 Wooden Earrings

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Item Code: J-Set37
Wholesale Price: $7.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  92

Set of Six Wooden Earrings

Make a bold impression with these big, bold wooden earrings. Each has an ethereal, elegant look that goes with anything.

Set purchased will not ...

Set Of 12 Assorted Earrings

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Item Code: J-Set9
Wholesale Price: $13.95 per Dozen
# in Stock:  60
Beat this!12 unique and completely hand-made earrings for one unbelievable price! Each pair is distinctive and brilliant, yet goes with any outfit and enhances any look. Every time you put a ...
Set Of 6 Tuareg Silver Earrings

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Item Code: J-TE001
Wholesale Price: $29.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  23
6 Shimmering Tuareg Silver Looks
Have six authentic, cultural looks for each day with this set of six Tuareg silver earrings. Each earring is hand-crafted and etched with traditional Tuareg ...
Large Fula Gold Twist Earrings - 1½"

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Item Code: J-E300
Wholesale Price: $7.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  173
Go for Gold!
Exotic Fula Gold Twist Earrings are made out of fula twisted bronze and capture the light for the 'look of REAL gold' that people love. Large and playfully shaped by Mali artisans in
Small Fula Silver Twist Earrings - ¾"

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Item Code: J-E311
Wholesale Price: $9.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  38
Glimmer in Silver
Feel like the new fashion queen in these silver Fula twist earrings. So elegant, and so authentically African for a style that everyone will notice. Completely hand-made of ...
Set Of 6 Rasta Earrings

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Item Code: J-Set10
Wholesale Price: $7.95 per EACH
# in Stock:  22
Invite in culture
Celebrate diversity with this set of six assorted rasta earrings. Each one has the traditional red, green, yellow and black colors that are the African colors. Earrings are ...
Set Of 12 Cowrie Shell & Stone Earrings

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Item Code: J-Set110
Wholesale Price: $13.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  25
2" large. Made in India. J-SET110
XXX-Large Fula Gold Earrings - 2¼"

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Item Code: J-E329
Wholesale Price: $19.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  33
XXX-Large Fula Gold Earrings
Get as authentic as possible with these bold, glimmering Fula earrings. Hammered out of real Fula gold and then twisted for the signature African style. 2 1/4". Made
Medium Fula Gold Earrings - 1"

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Item Code: J-E330
Wholesale Price: $6.45 per ONE
# in Stock:  338
Go for Gold!
Exotic Fula Gold Twist Earrings are made out of fula twisted bronze and capture the light for the 'look of REAL gold' that people love. Large and playfully shaped by Mali artisans in
Medium Fula Silver Earrings - 1"

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Item Code: J-E331
Wholesale Price: $12.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  126
A glitzy earring with African appeal
These hand-made Fula twist earrings give you a glimmer of African culture instantly. Each earring takes hours to create by Malian craftspeople; the look is ...
Over-Sized Fula Gold Earrings - 3"

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Item Code: J-E332
Wholesale Price: $39.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  15
Fula gold earrings with a unique twist design. Approximately 3 1/4" long and hang 2 1/2" down. Made of Fula gold in Mali, West Africa. J-E332
Set Of 12 Africa Mirror Earrings

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Item Code: J-Set210
Wholesale Price: $9.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  94
Set of 12 Africa Mirror Earrings
Embrace your African pride with these glimmering earrings featuring the African continent. Each one measures 2.5" long. Very reflective. Available in Gold and ...
Set Of 12 Assorted Cowrie Shell Earrings

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Item Code: J-Set55
Wholesale Price: $13.95 per ONE
# in Stock:  43
2" earrings. Made in China. J-SET55
Set Of 12 Assorted Metal Earrings

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Item Code: J-Set32
Wholesale Price: $11.95 per Dozen
# in Stock:  74
Set of 12 Assorted Earrings
An Affordable price for each pair of these beautiful metal earrings. A new look for every day and more options to choose from at a price anyone can afford.
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