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    1 Lb Frankincense & Sandalwood

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    This regal and aromatic Frankincense and Sandalwood Fragrance transports you to an exotic and luxurious place. O-F43L
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    This regal and aromatic Frankincense and Sandalwood Fragrance transports you to an exotic and luxurious place. Frankincense has a long and storied history as a scent. In the ancient world it was a precious scent that was highly prized. It was a royal scent and used to anoint priests. It held a great deal of religious and spiritual meaning. Symbolic of protection, spirituality and purification. It has been used since ancient time to bring blessings to those anointed with it. It is a balsam with a scent that is reminiscent of pine and lemon. It is a rich, calming scent that is highly prized for aromatherapy and meditation. Feel like royalty and breath in a sacred scent.

    The deep woody scent of sandalwood has floral notes and rich balsamic accents. It is a classic scent that is widely used in perfumes and colognes. It helps relieve stress and anxiety. It boosts your mood and helps with mental clarity. O-F43L

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