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1 Lb Gain: Island Fresh Type

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About this product

If your happy place had a signature scent, it just might be the comforting, clean scent of warm laundry that was dried in the sunshine. If your ideal place had a scent, it would be the mixed scent of sun, sand, water, and flowers that makes up the fragrance of a lush tropical island. That is the scent of Gain: Island Fresh. It combines the bright, floral, fresh fragrance of Gain with a splash of the tropics. When used in candles, an oil burner, or a diffuser, it is calming and energizing. It fights stress and tension. It boosts your energy level. It banishes negativity. It calms and centers you, aiding in mental focus and meditation. It is a fun and original scent to add to perfumes, lotions, soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. Take a vacation at home with Gain: Island Fresh! O-G13L

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