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    10 ways to make buying easier for your customers

    You can lose a lot of new customers if you don't make it easier for them to buy from you. Here's a quick checklist to make sure you are doing all that you can. 1. Have a merchant account to accept credit cards. More people will buy from you; and they will buy more; if they can pay you this way. 2. Have fliers with to help new customers (and prospective customers)remember you easier. 3. Have a mobile phone number, so that people can reach you any time easily. 4. Have business cards for people to remember you by, and give them to people whenever you can. 5. Know the products that you are selling. Own and use the products yourself. You can see this with the top salespeople in most orther fields. Insurance salespeople own much more insurance than the average person. Top real estate salespeople invest in real estate. If you don't believe in these yourself, others won't either. Know the next five by clicking here.

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