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    24 New Fragrance Oils!

    Jump-start your September with one of our 24 new fragrance oils! Available in all sizes! Click here to stock up now!

    24 New Oils

    • African Musk: Clear (M) O-A42
    • Black Woman: Unique (W) O-B73
    • Caribbean Salsa: Bath & Body Works Type O-S64
    • Coach:  Legacy (W) Type O-C65
    • Curve (W) Type O-C66
    • DKNY: Love from NY (W) Type O-D31
    • Estee Lauder: Sensuous Nude (W) Type O-E41
    • Issey Miyake: Intense (M) Type O-I23
    • Jennifer Lopez: Love & Light (W) Type O-J35
    • JPG: Cool (W) Type O-J36
    • Kenneth Cole: White (W) Type O-K23
    • Kimora Simmons: Golden Goddess (W) O-K24
    • Lolita Lempicka (M) Type O-L33
    • Lolita Lempicka (W) Type O-L34
    • Madonna: Truth or Dare (W) Type O-M47
    • Mariah Carey: That Chick (W) Type O-M48
    • Micheal Jordan: Flight (M) Type O-M49
    • Michael Kors: Gold (W) Type O-M50
    • Sex in the City: Kiss (W) Type O-S52
    • Vera Wang: Glam Princess (W) Type O-V26
    • Versace: Blue Jeans (M) Type O-V27
    • Versace: Red Jeans (W) Type O-V28
    • Very Sexy Now (W) Victoria's Secret Type O-V29
    • White Coconut O-W24
    O-165Try burning the new White Coconut in our new African Elephant Oil Burner. Not only will it ignite the room with amazing aroma but it will also light the room with an incandescent African scene.
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