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    24 New Oils Just Added!

    [caption id="attachment_6646" align="aligncenter" width="241"]Escada: Magnetism (W) Escada: Magnetism (W) [/caption] We've just added twenty-four new oils to our New Arrivals page. You'll find a huge selection of designer fragrances, along with some really unique herbal and fruit blends for your home or for wearing. Oils are not only used for wearing, but also for burning. You can burn oils anywhere to create a new and different atmosphere and effect. Below is a list of things you can do with oils: - Wear oils - Burn oils - Make incense with oils - Make soap with oils - Use oils for aromatherapy and healing - Mix oils in with your bath water for a scented bath. - Mix oils with body lotions for added fragrance. - Mix and blend your own fragrance oils. A common question people ask is "How are fragrance oils made?" Making oils does take a lot of work and extensive knowledge of essential oils, carrier oils and other compounds. Many fragrance oils start off with essential oils as the main ingredients. The FDA has protected oil companies so their methods are not copied; so only the oil companies know the specific ingredients of their fragrance oils and they will keep them a secret. What do we know about fragrance oils? Fragrance oils can be natural (consisting of mostly essential oils), partly natural and partly artificial or fully artificial. If the product contains essential oil mixed with carrier oils at varying strengths, it can be called natural. With over 300 oils in stock and oil companies keeping their ingredients a secret, it is hard to tell which ones are 100% natural and which ones are not. Some oils need to be made with artificial ingredients so the end product smells the right way. There are over 100 different essential oils out there so the fragrance oil possibilities are virtually endless. We carry over 300 fragrance oils. Order some now. Find out more about fragrance oils Here. To see our complete selection of oils, just Click Here.
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