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    4 Ways to Boost Your Sales

    Meet Jerome, the owner of Trends of Africa in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Brought up in West Africa by his mother who ran a shop of her own, Jerome now sells African products in the United States. He currently owns a 3,000 sq/ft retail location and a thriving website. Here are his personal four keys to success: TAF 1.Pay attention to inventory “I pay close attention to which products sell faster...and which ones don't.” This makes sure that you only spend money on items that are a good fit for you. Picking the right products is half the battle. 2.Let technology work for you “I am able to get new customers through word of mouth and social networks (like Facebook) for free. I also created a website on which I sell even more.” Having an online presence is essential to a business these days. Find networks that have little to no cost and promote your business worldwide. 3.Keep it simple “I add my sales tax into the price put on the product itself. This way people don't have to do math in their head or wait until they reach the register to know what they owe.” The easier the buying process is for your customers, the more they will buy from you. Anytime you can make life easier for the customer, do it. 4.Talk to your customers “It's about speaking to your customers and knowing what they like, what they want.” Jerome is always talking to his customers to find out more about them. By just having conversations, you can find out what brings back customers; how you can fulfill their needs, and find new customers easier. Overall Jerome is successful because he understands customer relationships. His methods are simple, yet they make sure that no part of the management of his business goes to waste. TAF2 How about you? Do you have any tips or ideas that might help someone else be successful too? We would love to hear your story. Email us at [email protected] or visit us on Facebook and leave us a message!
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