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    $500. customer appreciation day helps grow African business

    This idea for how to invest $500. to grow an African business is from Tara in Savannah, GA I would host a customer appreciation celebration for everyone who has ever ordered from me. I would use the $500 to buy business cards and goodies for my guests. It would be like an award show where I would recognize the customers who have ordered from me the most, the ones who have placed the biggest orders, and the ones who have told others about my products. I would make sure everyone left with a special token of my appreciation. I would take pictures, invite the media and make it a lavish affair. The following is how I would spend the $500: $29.95 for 500 Business Cards $50 for 50 Retail Catalogs $9.95 for 600 Incense Sticks $178.95 for 108 1/8 ounce bottles of oil $149.50 for 90 bars of soap (3 kits of 30) $29 for 2 dozen tea tree oils $29 for 2 dozen shea butter oils $23.85 for 3 dozen shea butter samples. I would also recruit an advisory council to try new products and give me their feedback. They would receive free product samples in exchange for their product evaluations. Their comments would be placed on my website to help recruit new customers.
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