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    Africa Imports 2021 Autumn Style Guide

    Africa Imports Autumn Style Guide 2021

    Fall is here, and that means you need to think about your wardrobe for the new season – think darker colors, light jackets, and long sleeves.

    Fashion is a big part of what we do here at Africa Imports. We’re passionate about supplying you with the latest trends in African style. It’s such a great feeling to wear something new, and you need to treat yourself from time to time.

    Seasonal changes are a great time to give your wardrobe a refresh. Out with the old, and in with the new. Summer is gone sadly, but fall can be just as great. Here are some of our best styles that are available for the fall season.

    Our Top Picks for Women


    African Print Leggings

    Available in six different styles, these sexy and sleek African Print Leggings will show off the shape of your legs with authentic African taste. The leggings feature a handy panel waist for controlling your tummy, while still clinging to your legs to outline them and accentuate your figure. These leggings are for women who love to strut their stuff.

    The six different styles allow you to match them to your own personal style. Style A features a white-flame pattern on a black backdrop. Style B features a yellow and orange floral design on a brown for the background. Style C features a white and black geometric design with a black background.

    Style D is all about the art deco pattern in pink, black, yellow, and light blue. Last but not least, style E features a striped pattern of shapes in pink, black, white, and blue.

    Tie Dye Ruffled Long Dress

    Early fall can still be quite warm, especially in September. That’s why we recommend our Tie Dye Ruffled Long Dress for these times.Elegant and refreshing, the dress makes a great feminine addition to any African wardrobe.

    Featuring a deep scoop neckline, short cap-style sleeves, unconstructed bodice, and a flowing length to the ankle, you can really make a statement while wearing the dress. The tie dye design still retains a touch of summer spirit to blend the seasons as a transition piece. Available in two styles, style A is in a blue and white design, while style B is in yellow and orange.

    We also like this tie dye long dress with different sleeves and colorways.


    Black/White Palazzo Jumpsuit

    This Black/White Palazzo Jumpsuit is another transition piece due to its long length yet breathable design. Stylish and sophisticated, the comfortable jumpsuit makes a dramatic addition to all African wardrobes. It features a strapless halter top, a comfy elastic waist, and wide palazzo pant legs. The top is jet black, and the pants are white and black.

    The jumpsuit comes in two stunning styles. Style A features a floral black/white pattern on the pant legs, while style B has a circle black/white pattern on the legs. The pants are sheer and lined above the knee.

    Our Top Picks for Men


    Kente Print Long Sleeve Dashiki

    Made of a lightweight fabric but with long sleeves, this dashiki in Kente print is the perfect option for fall temperatures. It’s stylish and bold, perfect for making an African style statement.

    It’s a hugely authentic piece, made to traditional specifications – a round neckline combined with an open V-neck and buttons at the top, along with long sleeves and cuffs. Striped, patchwork, and beautifully geometric, we’re very proud of the Kente design. It features yellow, blue, orange, black, and green color patterns.


    Kente Gold Crest Hand-Woven Pullover

    We’re fond of the Kente design here at Africa Imports, and the hand-woven gold crest pullover is a great example of this. The Kente design is a bold choice for those who want to showcase true African style.

    Featuring a round neckline with sleeves that are half length, along with pocket pouch for convenience, it’s comfy item that’s perfect for fall weather. The traditional Kente design features gold, green, red, and black colors with woven pillar crests in gold.


    Black Panther Dashiki

    Another half-length sleeve option that is great for fall, this Black Panther Dashiki is the perfect combination of boldness and elegance in true African tradition. This dashiki is one of our favorite pieces for sure.

    The dashiki’s authentic features include a V-neck, sleeves at half length, and edges that are rounded on the hemline. It has a black background with gold detailing on the front and the sleeve edges, along with two front pockets for your convenience.


    Clothing Under $30


    African Print Dashiki

    If comfort is a priority for you, these African Print Dashikis are a great option. Still not compromising on style though, the dashikis feature bold and authentic African prints.

    The dashiki is available in five styles, but we think the black and white color pattern of style E is most suited to fall tones.


    Kente Wrap Shirt

    You can’t get much more authentic than a Kente Wrap Shirt. We love the mix of black, yellow, red, and green.

    Featuring a peplum style with a V-neck, layered sleeve in a batwing style, and a flare hemline, it’s a brilliant addition to any African wardrobe.


    Our Top Accessory Picks


    African Kente Purse

    This African Kente Purse is easily one of our favorite pieces. Its roomy pouch is great for storing your phone and other valuables, while its circular handles are robust and durable. For added authenticity, the purse is made exclusively in Ghana.


    Africa Map Head Wrap

    The last item on our list is the Africa Map Head Wrap, featuring a colorful map design of Africa. Show your African pride with traditional black, orange, green, and red colors, and keep your head warm at the same time when the season starts to get colder.


    Get In Touch

    Feeling inspired? Don’t waste any time, or the season will be over. Add these items to your wardrobe now for a confident and fashionable look this fall.

    If you’re unsure about anything, get in touch with our friendly team now. We’ll walk you through any questions you have about styling and color options.

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