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I’m beyond satisfied. I received tremendous feedback in positive ways, I have a great Business plan in effect (Thank you for the six day course), My consumers love the samples I provided.

~ Desiree in Los Angeles, CA

A-M105 $4.95 $2.95  


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Interwoven Kenya Basket - 11"

Sku: M-W038
Wholesale: $9.95

Exclusive Design: Egypt Chess Set

Sku: A-M152
Wholesale: $69.95

Fertility Idol Fan Statue

Fertility Idol Fan Statue
Celebrate the art and beliefs of Ghana with this hand-crafted fertility idol fan statue. This fan statue features the famous Ashanti fertility doll as its handle. These dolls have long been believed to provide the gift of fertility to whoever owns them. Each one is carved from a rich, dark polished wood. The fans are wicker. Each is 14" tall. Made in Ghana. M-W086
Sku: M-W086
Wholesale: $14.95

Set Of 2: Painted Fertility Idols - 4-5"

Hand carved and painted in Kenya, these fertility doll statues are replicas of the Ashanti fertility dolls in Ghana. No two are exactly alike and none can be specified. The Ashanti people of West Africa attribute a special beauty to round faces. 4-5" tall. Made in Kenya. A-E024
Sku: A-E024
Wholesale: $3.95

Small Elephant Journal

Sku: A-P014
Wholesale: $2.95

Painted Wood Animal Carving: Zebra 8"

Sku: A-WC740
Wholesale: $2.95

Painted Wood Animal Carving: Tiger 8"

Sku: A-WC739
Wholesale: $2.95

Giraffe Mask 14"

Sku: A-WC604
Wholesale: $11.95

iPhone 6 Dashiki Print Case

Sku: A-M103
Wholesale: $3.95

Holly Dolly

Sku: M-D132
Wholesale: $1.95

Wooden Bird Mobile

Sku: A-WC743
Wholesale: $7.95

Set Of 6 Banana Leaf Paintings (8½x11)

Set of 6 Banana leaf paintings.
Unframed paintings from Kenya are available in assorted designs unframed as shown. Each banana leaf painting is a collage of individual banana leaves, each work is individually created. Specific paintings cannot be selected. Approx. 8½” x 11” A-P206

Learn about banana leaf artwork.

Sku: A-P206
Wholesale: $9.95