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Korhogo Cloth - Telling Stories of Africa

01/04/2010 14:47

Korhogo Cloth Stories of Africa

One of Africa's most unique and recognizable fabrics is Korhogo cloth. It is hand-crafted in the village of Korhogo in The Ivory Coast. Korhogo cloth is crafted by painting a design on hand spun, hand woven, and hand painted cotton fabric. This is often done using a stencil; and the painting is done with a specially fermented solution that turns black after a reasonable amount of time has passed. Each picture or symbol used in Korhogo cloth has a special meaning to the people of Ivory Coast. There are over 80 motifs woven by the makers of Korhogo cloth. The motifs are framed in a rectangular pattern which is introduced at either end by a longangun, which is an arrow-like pattern that represents the talking drum. A single motif can be woven in many different patterns, and two motifs may be combined. Here are a few of the meanings behind the symbols found in Korhogo cloth:

The Fish - This signifies vitality and abundance.

The Chicken - This signifies fertility and grace. 

The Goat - This signifies male prowess from the beginning of time. Korhogo Cloth Find the rest of the meanings on our special Korhogo cloth page. Check out a huge selection of affordable African products and fabrics by clicking on the links below!

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