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~ Maddison

10/26/2020 10:42

I am a dance and Acrobatics teacher full time and absolutely adore my job! When Covid-19 hit and my studio was shut down my students and I were devastated. Thankfully we have some wonderful technology available to us, and using zoom I was able to get online classes up and running. It was tricky designing classes that could work for just about any space the kids had available at home and we all had to laugh over some of the creative places the kids found to dance. I got better at using only verbal cues and we even managed to work on some choreography. It was wonderful to have a connecting point with my students even though we all really missed the studio. Thankfully I am able to open up my studio space again this fall and am adapting classes to work with social distancing regulations. This experience taught me to make the best of what you have to work with and we really can dance anywhere! ~Maddison Africa Imports