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Some of the Many Ways You Can Use Baobab Oil

04/21/2010 11:45

Baobab Oil 

There are so many healing natural oils to choose from, and each have so many benefits. The question remains, how exactly do we use them? Do we just slather them on and wait for results? For most of the oils the answer is yes! Simply using them like a moisturizer will give you the benefits you want. However, with oils with so many benefits for hair and skin it's better to have more specific instructions.

Top Ways to Use Baobab Oil: 

- In order to replenish the skin layers with fatty acids and natural oils it can be applied topically to the skin 

- For skin problems, apply directly to the skin by rubbing the oil into the affected area once or twice a day 

- As a face moisturizer, massage the oil around the eyes, mouth and cheeks

 - As a body moisturizer, wet your hand with water add a few drops of baobab oil to the wet skin, then rub into the skin on arms and legs 

- You can also add a few drops to your regular face and body creams and in this way get the benefits of the baobab oil 

- Add it to bath oil or just after a bath, rub oil into wet skin, wait for the oil to absorb and then dry 

- Baobab Oil is also good for strengthening damaged hair and for moisturizing dry hair, so just add it to your hair conditioner. 

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