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2012 Spring Retail Catalogs Available Now!

04/05/2012 13:30

The new African Clothing & Artwork and the Personal Care Retail catalogs are both in stock and available now! Besides just handing these books out to your customers and potential customers, here's 3 easy and proven ideas that will help get more customers and generate more sales: 

1) You can put a sticker on the book that says “20% off if you call before (date you choose)”. A deadline helps people to act sooner. 

2) You can change the offer to $5.00 off on any order of $25. or more (which is actually a smaller discount – if you think about it for a minute). Many people do not figure out percents; or cannot do the math quickly in their head. In hundreds of catalog tests by different companies, giving a dollar amount discount almost always gets better response than a percent off discount. 

3) You can change the offer to “Get a free bar of African soap” (or fill in the name of your favorite product), with any order. The free gift will not only cost you less than the cash discount, it also lets you expose your customers to new products that they might not try otherwise. So you now get the chance for future sales of this new product to these same people, who may not have even known about it without this offer. Have you tried other ways to get more customers? Share your success stories with us! 

To purchase or view a catalog online: X-006 African Clothing & Artwork OR view this catalog as a flip through book by clicking here. X-003 Personal Care (Health & Beauty) OR view this catalog as a flip through book by clicking here. To see all of our catalogs, go to our main catalogs page here.