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3 Habits That Make Businesses Fail – And How To Avoid Them

03/15/2016 14:34

It may sound crazy, but a major part of failure for many people is that they try too hard NOT to fail. The key to succeeding is to focus solely on winning, instead of avoiding losing. The most successful people focus on a big reward. If you try too hard to play it safe, you make yourself less likely to succeed.


Here are three ways a business can fail by trying to avoid failure:

1. Not trying something new because it might not work. You can make extra cash and build up a group of new customers lots of different ways. Home parties, displays at vending events, door-to-door sales, internet sales, and talking to everyone about your business are all ways to do this. You can always think of reasons why these ideas might not work; but if you decide not to try, you have given up one more of your chances to succeed. 

2. Not giving your ideas a fair chance. If your first try at something isn’t succeeding, it is probably because you have not practiced enough yet. Your first try at something new can teach you what to do differently. After “failing” at your first few attempts, you can know what to do differently the next time. A new display; an alternate way of approaching customers; or something else can be adjusted along the way. This can change your current failure into a complete success the next time. If you focus on learning and improving at something new, you keep yourself from failing at new things. In a short time, your persistence can make you better at what you do; and can make you succeed.

3. Not buying products because you are afraid of not selling them. You probably don’t want to buy a large quantity of an untested product; but if you don’t have enough products available, you are almost certain to fail. For every customer who will order from you and wait for delivery, there are probably 20 customers who will buy from you if they can pay you and get their new find right away. If you take even a few more risks, you will get more rewards for your efforts. If you see something here has been holding you back, make up your mind to overcome it this week. You don’t need to take big risks right away, just start with one small step. With that step, you will move closer to the life that you want. To find more free business tips and articles just visit our business articles page.


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