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4 African Recipes You MUST Try This Summer!

04/05/2017 10:16

Summer is here and it’s time for graduations, parties, family reunions and barbecues! But wait… Do you really want to serve the same old food?? Why not spice up your menu with some African flavors and have your friends and family wanting YOU to be the caterer from now on….

1. African Inspired Hummus - Tastes great on toasted bread, bagels, crackers or in sandwiches. Recipe --> click here.

2. Zesty Lentil Salad from Ethiopia - Makes a great side dish! Recipe --> click here.

3. Doro Wat - Ethiopian Spicy Braised Chicken - One of the most well known African dishes. Recipe --> click here.

4. East African Shrimp Curry - If you love spice, this one's for you. Recipe --> click here.

Now that you have the recipes, it's time to start cooking! Feel free to send us pictures of your dishes, we'd love to see them.... Have a safe and healthy summer!