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4 early steps to be ready for Holiday sales

11/10/2007 11:45

The Christmas holidays come every year. Each year some Africa Imports customers lose a lot of money from not being prepared for the Christmas shopping season. Here's your fast checklist of 4 things you should be ready with now. 1. Have enough money - get a new credit card if you need it. 2. Stock enough product 3. Schedule enough time or hire enough help 4. Start reminding people early; and prepare your reminders even earlier The bad thing about these tasks is that they are not written in a totally specific way. You need to decide what is "enough" in each of these steps. If you're not serious though, you could miss one and it won't matter if everything else was done perfect. You can't be a B student on any of these items, and still have a successful holiday sales season. For a fun way to start, see some Christmas and Kwanzaa gift ideas here