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4 ways to grow your African business - Free

05/04/2018 10:08

Here 1 - 53 choices of free customer handouts, promotional materials, and instructions here. 2 - 20 mostly free ideas to grow your business here 3 - 15 more mostly free ideas to grow your business here 4 - Free advertising. Get your business listed on our website under African stores near you shown here There are actually 89 different helps to grow your business in these links. There are even more on our website. Other people with successful African businesses have used these same tools. I hope that these are a help to you too. They are free anytime. 050217 festival

Your work selling African products makes a huge difference. You create jobs for people in Africa who make what you sell. When you sell products from Africa Imports, you are also a part of helping over 1,000 children in Africa with meals, schooling, and other basic needs.