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Africa Imports phone system

10/09/2008 16:39

We just installed a new phone system for taking your calls when you need to call us. It is a big help to hear back from customers to find out how something like this works for them. If you can let me know what you think about this, it would be a real help to hear. In the old days (up until about two weeks ago), when someone called in, a live person would always pick up the phone. One problem with this is that a lot of people would call at the same time; and we couldn't answer all the phones when this happened. The new system leaves callers on hold if all of the lines are busy, and tells you how many people are in front of you. Calls get answered faster than they did with the old system if several people call at the same time. 

Another good thing about this phone system is that you can dial directly to the person you are wanting to talk to, without asking someone to connect you. You can leave voice mails. You can get things done faster than is possible when one or a few people answer every call. The bad thing about this system is that some people don't like it. So far there has been one customer say that she does not like this system; and there have been 3 people say that they like it better than the old way. These are just the people who have said something when they called in. I can see in the phone system records that there are people who call in, and then hang up when they get a recording. Some of these people call back; but I am sure that there are probably some people who forget to call back too. It is hard to change things without knowing how it works for our customers. 

To me and the customer service people answering the phones, it seems to be better service for most customers. But we are not you. I just hate the idea of making something worse with the way that we communicate with you. So I hope that you will let me know how this phone system works for you; or at least what you think about it. It's a big help to our business; and it can make your life easier in other ways too. If you have any thoughts on this, you can leave a comment, send me an email to, or phone me on this new system at 1-800-500-6120 extension 236. Thanks, Wayne Africa Imports