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Africa Imports shipping costs

03/27/2009 17:58

Just so that you know, Africa Imports normally charges less for shipping costs than we charge to our customers. Shipping costs seem to almost always go up though. Here's an email that I got from a customer the other day. As usual, we are very pleased with the products we purchase from you. It seems lately that the shipping has been high, though. Have you increased your shipping costs? This has caused us to buy less than we normally would from you, since we had to drive our retail prices up, and are getting less sales now. Here's the reply that I sent to this customer. 

Hopefully you will also know that we are not trying to overcharge anyone on shipping costs. We have changed our shipping cost slightly, but it was actually lowered. It is kind of complicated to figure out what happens with a particular zip code because some went up a little bit and others went down. We try to get our shipping costs to match UPS as exactly as possible. Our computer system links to the UPS shipping costs to get the cost; but it is not able to account for extra shipping cost on oversized items and on some other things. Overall however we normally break even on shipping costs. Some months we make a few hundred dollars; and other months we lose a few hundred dollars. For the last five years we have generally charged less for shipping than we have been charged by UPS though; and we are not charging more overall now than we have in the past. This customer was satisfied. Hopefully you are too. If you ever think that a specific order has shipping costs charged at too high of a rate though, please let us know. If we have accidentally overcharged you, we will refund you right away.