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07/28/2009 16:25

One thing that we want to see happen in our business is that we constantly improve. There are improvements to what we do every week. The people who work here are excellent people who have found ways to make our service better in hundreds of ways. One of the things that improves regularly is our website. For the last year, there has been a website coder working on our website part time; and another full time computer person who focus almost completely on improvements to our website. Here's a few things that have changed with our website in just the last month. The search function on our website is dramatically better than it has been before now. This combines the regular search that we had before with a full site search by Google that lets you find much more than you ever could before. When you look for a product that is out of stock, you can be automatically emailed when the item comes back. If you make certain typos when placing an order, the website will now catch these and let you know. There is a lot more than this. Many of these changes seem kind of small by themselves; but when you look at them all together, they make a big difference. Other customers have also made our website better. There are a lot more customer product reviews now than before. When you want to know how other people feel about a product that you are thinking about, you can see un-edited customer reviews for many of these items. Whenever someone leaves a review (good or bad) it is shown together with the product on our website. This isn't an advertisement for us or anything. I just want you to know that there is a lot more available for you on our website now than in the past.