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African Cucumis: The Prickly Wonder Fruit

08/30/2013 16:18


A climbing vine plant, the African cucumis’s fruit is used in a wide variety of fruits, traditional medicines and spiritual practices. It’s main use is that of pain relief in a topical application of a balm made from the fruit by boiling it. The roots and fruits of the wild African Cucumis contain Cucurbitacins, a very bitter principle. Some pharmacological properties of Cucurbitacins: relieve liver damage, promote body immunity, are anti-carcinogenic The African Cucumis has similar properties to the Pedicellus Melo, (Chinese name: Tian GuaDi) which is used to remove lumps, eliminate fluid and relieve jaundice, acute and chronic viral hepatitis, hepatocirrhosis, liver cancer, persistent dyspepsia and epilepsy due to wind-phlegm. The Zulu administer a warm water infusion of the fruit pulp as an enema for the relief of lumbago. Some individuals in Natal, use the boiled leaf as a poultice. In Tropical Africa the seed is a roundworm remedy. The Pedi use the young leaf as a potherb. The Shangaan use the African Cucumis for ceremonial purposes. The root of the plant is left to soak in cold water for the treatment of gonorrhoea. When heat is applied to this remedy, the properties change, and this remedy is used to induce diarrhea in patients suffering from constipation. You can experience the wonder that is this fruit by trying Herbal Africa’s 4 Pain Spray. Which contains real African Cucumis!