African Nursery Rhymes - in Honor of Mothers and Children



Happy Mothers Day! There's a wealth of culture to be discovered in the nursery rhymes of Africa. These are more than just alternatives to the popular nursery rhymes found here. The values of many generations can often be seen most clearly in oral traditions like these African nursery rhymes. Here are a few ways that mothers in Africa pass their culture to the next generation.

Off to the sweet shores of Africa, Off, with my harp and harmonica, I'll follow the walking, talking drum To the land, where sunbirds hum. Off to the sweet shores of Africa To fields of palm and paprika, I'll watch the kingly eagle fly Beneath the clear blue sky. Off to the sweet shores of Africa, Off, in my jar of tapioca, I'll ride on the River Nile's rolling crest Till my jar comes to rest.

Other cultures also influence Africa. Is this familiar. Hey diddle dimba, giraffe and marimba, The springbook jumped over the moon. The hyena laughed to see such fun, And the pot ran away with the spoon!

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