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Am I on your mailing list?

05/25/2008 09:17

Almost every day someone calls us to see if they are on our mailing list. In case you want to know if you are too, here is how you can know that you are still on the Africa Imports catalog mailing list. You don't need to ask to be on our mailing list. If you buy from us, you are on our mailing list for future catalogs. In fact, we don't even have a mailing list. Instead, what we do is put together a new mailing list whenever we are ready to mail a new catalog. We figure out who to mail to based on when you ordered last; how much you ordered; and how many times you have ordered from us. We do not put people on our mailing list. Instead, we use past order history to figure out how likely someone is to make an order when we send them a catalog. If you order from us regularly, you are on our mailing list. If you have not ordered from us during the last 2 years, you are no longer on our mailing list. As long as you buy something every so often, you are on our mailing list and you will get our catalogs. You do not need to ask or do anything more than this.