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Another Reason to Choose Natural Skin Care

04/14/2009 15:52

Did you know? The average person rubs, sprays, and slathers 10 different skin care products on their body every day? Not only this, but our skin acts more like a sponge than a barrier. The nearly 130 chemicals we expose ourselves to can do incredible damage to our skin and our health. The average woman ingests 4 pounds of lip balm in her lifetime. Imagine how many chemicals our body absorbs when we use non-natural skin care? 90% of the cosmetics sold in the U.S. have not been FDA approved which means they can contain any number of dangerous ingredients, but do not have to list those ingredients on the label. Cosmetic companies are not wanting to hurt your skin; but many times cheaper and less healthy dyes and detergents and foaming cleansers are used.

What Makes African Skin Care Different? Africa is home to some of natures most healing and sought after herbs and plant extracts. Most skin care products sold by Africa Imports are all-natural, so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals that can damage your skin. Nearly everything is grown organically, so you avoid pesticides in your skin care products. Many of the products are hand-made, and the ingredients hand-picked. This gives you a quality that you won’t get on a normal drugstore shelf. African natural ingredients are so healthy you could almost eat them. That's something you want to remember, because what you put on your skin eventually ends up being absorbed by your skin. Feed your skin nourishment instead of toxins, and start as soon as you can. Find more articles about skin care by Clicking Here.