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Are you an absentee landlord with your business

03/10/2009 17:59

I just read an article about why Facebook is doing so much better than MySpace for social networking sites. There were several reasons. They said it felt like going to a sleazy strip mall in a bad part of town; that it felt juvenile, so that a lot of their members had grown out of it; and that MySpace hasn't changed very much. Facebook has made hundreds of upgrades to their site in just the last few months. MySpace has really not changed at all, and looks like it is run by an "absentee landlord". When I read the absentee landlord line, I had to stop and think if Africa Imports was like this at all. We always have lots of new products; and there are improvements that happen here all the time; but there are other things that we don't do enough of too. I was motivated to do something right away to get some new product ideas in; and to make sure that our customers knew what was selling fastest. There were three or four other ideas to put together that would help some of our customers that I got started on too. No really big changes; but improvements that keep us more fresh and exciting than we would be otherwise. Maybe fear isn't all bad. Fear of being not concerned enough with improvements made me focus on getting more done. Is there an area of your life where you're being an absentee landlord?