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Baby girl found in garbage bag in Congo West Africa

09/02/2008 16:31

There are thousands of sad stories every day. The wonderful thing is that there are so many people working to make life better for others. In Congo, West Africa, there are so many people who sacrifice, work hard, and live simple lives in order to help the children in their communities. Here is the story that we received along with the photo of the baby orphan girl below. 

This came to us from one of these people who helps deliver money and other needs to orphanages in Congo for Africa Imports. The little girl tied on the back of Mersia is named Mari-Victoire. She was found in a garbage bag. An older man throwing away garbage saw the bag move and thought it was a baby animal of some kind. Two days later he returned and saw same bag still moving and looked inside to find little Mari-Victoire. It is a miracle she is alive.