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Back in Stock: African Kente Cloth

05/31/2012 13:03

Now back in stock is the ever-popular Kente Style #1, Item T-1309. Probably the best known of all African cloths is the much-loved kente. This regal fabric has been worn by political and high-ranking officials of the Ashanti people for centuries. Easy to identify by its distinct and bold colorful fabric of golds, yellows, reds, blacks, greens, and blues. Still worn around the world today by many people, Kente cloth fashions give a proud and unique sense of style and connection to the motherland.

Quick Kente Facts: 

-Kente cloth dates back to the 12th century and has been worn by African royalty throughout history. 

-The name kente comes from the word "kenten", which means "basket", because of the cloth's resemblance to a basket-woven design. 

-Both the colors used and the design of the fabric each have meanings. To read more about the significance of pattern designs and colors, click here

-Not just for clothes, kente cloth is perfect for creating all kinds of crafts, such as curtains, decorations, table cloths, wall hangings, and more! To find more kente print fabrics, click here or to see all of our African print fabrics, click here! What is your favorite kente print fabric? Let us know and leave a comment.