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Back in Stock: Hematite Necklaces!

06/10/2012 12:55

Set of 12 Hematite Necklaces

The ultimate accent necklace is back in stock! Hematite is highly regarded in Africa because it is believed to bring fame and power to those who wear it. The physical healing properties of Hematite also make it a much sought-after stone and very popular in jewelry making. Hematite is known to heal leg cramps, blood disorders, nervous disorders, and insomnia. It helps in healing breaks and fractures of the bones, as well as aiding proper spinal alignment. It is also considered a calming stone and offers support for your hopes, dreams, and desires. The ancients say that Hematite reminds us that only limitations we place on ourselves are the ones that exist. Not only powerful, these Hematite necklaces will add luxurious style and confidence to any look. Set of 12 different Hematite necklaces. Try them yourself here! See all of our African and African-inspired jewelry here.