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Back In Stock! Honey Ginger Ginseng Lozenges

02/28/2012 12:40

 Just in time for the change of season, the amazing Honey Ginger Ginseng herbal lozenges are back in stock! Don't let the great taste fool you, though. These are packed with the powerful, healing goodness of Black Seed Oil. Black seed is well known for its energizing effect on the immune system. This combined with soothing raw honey, great tasting ginger, and stimulating ginseng make this a delicious therapeutic lozenge. What do these ingredients do? Black seed is rich in antioxidants and strengthens the immune system. Ginseng reduces stress, lowers cholesterol levels, and can help improve mental clarity; it also reduces fatigue and increases endurance, making it great for athletes and fitness lovers. Both Black Seed oil and Ginseng are known to improve digestion and have an all-over cleansing effect on the body. Get these lozenges now by clicking HERE.