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Back in Stock: Styles for Him

05/22/2012 14:07

For the well dressed man, African and African-inspired fashion suits offer distinguished, attention-getting style. Traditional outfits made of quality materials and hand-embroidered details give a cultural vibe with a strong and masculine distinction. Our most popular men's clothing are now back in stock in several eye-catching colors. See them now:

C-M211 Grand BouBou

C-M450 Hand-made Brocade Suit

C-M051 Embroidered Suit and Hat Set

With Father's Day just around the corner, explore gifts that will set him apart and make him feel extra special and confident. See more men's fashion ideas here. Learn more about what makes African fashions special here. Want to know if Father's Day is celebrated in Africa? Click here. To find a huge selection of African men's garments, check out the links below!

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