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Bathe Away Sickness with Bath Salts

01/20/2010 14:23

Cold and Flu Bath Salts

We're in the thick of winter, and that usually means the added stress of flu, fever, colds and more. How can we keep our immune systems strong or ease the symptoms of these illnesses? For centuries African and Native American medicine has relied on the use of natural plant essences to soothe the symptoms of illness and fatigue. This risk-free method can give you a lot of relief, and in a relaxing, fun way! When it comes to health a lot of the answers are in mother nature's own backyard. These new bath salts give you skin-healing minerals along with symptom-relieving ingredients. Vitamin C, Lemon, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Tea Tree Oil & more help to clear your sinuses while herbal extracts of echinacea, ginseng and hibiscus help to ease symptoms of cold and flu. You'll love how refreshed you feel after a soak in these fresh herbal scented salts. They are 100% natural. To find out more or to get your own just Click Here. Find more natural African ways to all-over health on the Africa Imports web site by Clicking Here.