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Black History Month is ending. How did we do?

02/27/2013 09:32

Here at Africa Imports, Black History month is our biggest and busiest month. We plan, prepare and purchase new products months before February to make sure our customers get a large variety of African and Afrocentric items of the best quality. We work hard to get enough in stock and our customer service work the phones to make sure your experience is productive and enjoyable. This month we distributed our Wholesale catalog with over 900 products to choose from as well as some fliers and retail catalogs to help you give your customers a wide selection. Our website holds more items and we work hard to keep it all up to date with the best photography. We are interested in your opinion on how we did this month. Please leave any comments in the comment section and we will read them and try to respond.

  • How was your buying experience?
  • What products did you really like?
  • What products did you not like?
  • What other products you would like us to have?
  • How was our Wholesale catalog?
  • How was our Retail catalog?
  • How was our fliers?
  • How was your experience with our website?
  • How was our selection of fashions, soaps, art, oils, personal care, etc?
  • Do you want more business tips and advice?