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Black Seed Herbal Lozenges: New Product Alert!

11/08/2011 14:49

Just in time for cold and flu season! Not just your ordinary lozenge, these give you the healing power of black seed with the delicious flavor of honey and ginger. Black seed is well known for its stimulating effect on the immune system. This combined with soothing raw honey, great tasting ginger and stimulating ginseng make this a delicious therapeutic lozenge that will keep you healthy and happy all year long. The many benefits of these ingredients are: Black seed strengthens the immune system. Black seed oil improves digestion and aids in cleansing. Black seed oil is rich in antioxidants. Ginseng reduces stress while improving mental clarity. Ginseng improves digestion and lowers cholesterol levels. Ginseng reduces fatigue and improves athletic endurance. Click here to stock up now!