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Can I order something special made in Africa?

09/07/2008 16:25

People ask me regularly if they can make a special order (something that is made special just for them) from Africa Imports. Here's the answer. We normally can not make special orders for custom made products from Africa. When this can be done, it is very expensive. It is several times more expensive than ordering something that is already made. It also takes a very long time to get the product (at least several months); the products received may not be exactly as you are expecting them to be; and everything needs to be paid for by you in advance. If you want something made special for you this way, you will want to have a photo or a very detailed drawing including measurements and anything else that you are needing your special order product to have. It is unusual for customers to ask for these special products; but if you really need something; and the cost and time needed to get the item are not real concerns to you; then please let us know.