Celebrating Heroes Day in Angola - September 17th




National Heroes Day in Angola is a public holiday on September 17, the birthday of the national hero Agostinho Neto. Neto was the most famous of the Angolan nationalist leaders. He eventually became elected as the president of the liberation movement. Neto's compelling sense of duty to his people and country motivated him as it had done in his years as a student, as a doctor, and as a leader in exile. Agostinho Neto has deservedly been called "the father of modern Angola". His work was cut short by his death from cancer on September 10, 1979. Agostinho Neto was one of the few Angolans who had the education that would have allowed him to live a life of privilege and security. Instead, he started a medical practice where he welcomed all patients, however poor and whatever their background. He is certainly someone to be praised today and we wish all the people of Angola a blessed Heroes Day! To find out more about African holidays just Click Here!