Celebrating Independence Day in Guinea - October 2nd




Today marks the 51st anniversary of Guinea's independence. Guinea was the first French African colony to gain independence. Guinea is a beautiful country with a rich culture. Women carry buckets of water on their heads, and people give morning greetings that can last half an hour!

Since independence, the country has been a dictatorship and has encountered many problems, including the most recent killings during a protest against Capt Moussa Dadis Camara. Rights groups say 157 people died when soldiers fired live rounds at the protesters on Monday. They say eyewitnesses told them of soldiers raping women in the streets during the crackdown. The junta says far fewer people died, and they also state that most of the people were trampled to death. Capt Dadis, whose leadership has been called erratic since he seized power in a bloodless coup last year, called for a UN team to investigate the deaths. You can find out more about this by Clicking Here.

We want to wish the people of Guinea a blessed independence day, and if you read this post please say a prayer for the people of Guinea on their independence day. Find out more about African holidays by Clicking Here.