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Christmas for the other 1%

12/23/2013 14:41

Those of us who live in the US would all be considered rich by most people in the world. The poorest person you know, probably still has clean water, heat, indoor plumbing, access to emergency services through 911, and enough food every day. In fact, if your income is more than $32,500. per year (about $16.25/hour for a 40 hour week), then you are one of the top 1% in the world. If you earn $17,800 ($8.90 per hour), you are still in the top 5%. If you want to find out exactly how privileged you are, you can find a fun calculator for this at One of the things we hear a lot of now is that there is a bigger and bigger difference between the poor and the rich people in the US. This inequality is certainly not all the fault of rich people. In the Bible though, those who have money definitely have a moral responsibility to help others who are poor. A reasonable level of equality is thought of as good and as healthy: not only in the Bible, but also by most people of other cultures and religions. Some of the orphan kids your purchases help support just sent us the photo below. These children are living at the absolute opposite end of the financial scale from us. They are the bottom 1%. This doesn't mean that their lives are unhappy though. I am sure they were kind of forced to pose for the photo, but you can see in their faces that they still have all of the happiness of Christmas. Merry Christmas Wayne ps. The new t-shirts that some of the kids are wearing are Christmas gifts your purchases bought for these kids.