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D'jembe Drums

10/12/2008 15:34

One of the favorite products that we carry are Djembe drums. We almost never run out of these; but we got really low on stock recently. Djembe drums have become more difficult to get recently. Customs has become much more difficult and expensive to get containers through. Shipping costs have gone way up. Other things have also made it harder and more expensive to get these. We just got a shipment of over 500 D'jembe drums though. Your price for D'jembe drums is still the same. You can get full size African Djembe drums for as low as $82.50 each when you buy 12 or more at a time. These are oversized drums that cost a lot to ship (typically about $35.). You can also get medium, small, or extra small D'jembe drums. There is even a free video on D'jembe drumson our website.

Learn how to play the D'Jembe drum video - watch it now. Get the free DVD when you purchase any drum. Just ask for item# V-140