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Do you have a success story about yourself with African products.

07/20/2008 09:26

Your success could be a big help and encouragement to someone else. I am hoping to find some stories to publish on our website and catalogs that will help other people succeed better. Success doesn't need to be making more money. Maybe the work that you are doing is helping someone else; helping your community; or making your life happier and more fulfilling. Whatever is success to you, this can be an encouragement and a help to others. If you have a story that could be motivating to other people like you. I hope that you will either leave a post here, or write back to me with your story. It doesn't need to be long or professional. Just try to answer the following questions: How did you get started with Africa Imports? What has been the most satisfying thing for you about these sales? What is success to you? What do you do that gives you the most success? So if you have anything to say for yourself, now is your chance. I really hope that you will post your success story. Even if it's nothing really big, you could be an encouragement to someone else. You never know how telling your story could come back to you in a positive way too.