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Do you know what your prices really are?

05/09/2008 10:24

Africa Imports has the lowest prices anywhere. One thing that we sometimes hear from website visitors is that our prices are too high though. The reason is normally that these visitors are looking at the higher retail prices, and thinking that these are wholesale. If you do not log in as a wholesale buyer, you will see only retail prices. You will see wholesale prices whenever you log in as a wholesale buyer. One reason for this is that it keeps your customers from seeing your wholesale costs. You can also print out pages of the website to show customers different products. There are some other advantages to our customers too; but it is still confusing sometimes. You can always figure out the wholesale prices really easy. Wholesale is almost always 1/2 of the retail prices that you see when you are not logged in on To know what your real prices are, log in as a wholesale buyer when you visit.