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Don't skip the math

06/29/2008 09:02

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Here is something that I hear on the phone sometimes with new customers. "I am selling these products at a booth this weekend, and I need to get things to sell. I don't have much money though, so I can only buy $100. of products". At first this probably sounds pretty reasonable. But if I ask how much do you spend for the booth rental, I might get an answer like $60. If this person sells absolutely everything that they order, they will not even get enough profit to pay for their booth rental. Not only this, their booth will look empty. Customers won't stop because there is not much selection; and because the booth doesn't look right in other ways when there is such a small choice of products to buy. The booth could probably be a success if this persons customers had products that they could buy; but it is a guaranteed failure if they don't. A customer who calls this way is going to lose money when they do their booth no matter what happens. If you do the math before you start, you will see that you are guaranteed to fail if you don't have enough product on hand. The #1 reason why wholesale customers who quit say that things didn't work, is that they did not have enough product to sell. They normally still love the products and have customers; but they lost money by not having enough products on hand. Don't be afraid to buy a little too much. Buying too little is even more risky. You lose possible sales; and you lose possible new customers. Here are some more ideas for making your market sales a success

Here are some extra helps for designing a booth or kiosk to sell from.