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Find Diabetes Relief the Natural Way With Glucorite

03/07/2011 16:32


Glucorite was added to our product line in January, and has since taken off as one of our customer favorites. Glucorite is made with natto roots, momordica balsamina, caju bark and artemisia afra. These four natural ingredients work together to lower blood sugar and improve the overall health of the blood, cardiovascular system, liver and pancreas. 

Glucorite Is Used To Assist In: 

• The treatment of insulin and non-insulin dependent diabetics. 

• The treatment of the liver and pancreas deficiencies and ailments. 

• Lessens debilitating end organ damage. 

• Beneficial to the liver, bile, pancreas and digestive system. 

• The ingredient Artemisia Afra has positive cardiovascular effects and antioxidant properties. 

• Increased energy and stamina. 

• Is rich in phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and amino acids 

To find out more about glucorite or to get your own, just Click Here.