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Fun New Fragrance Oils In Stock Now!

01/11/2012 13:50

10 new delicious, tempting fragrance oils are in! Including the latest designer-type aromas like Ed Hardy, Victoria Secrets, Bath & Body Works and more! Available in 1/3oz, 1oz, 4oz and 1LB sizes. Just click on the item code to see more. (1oz item codes used below)

 Ed Hardy: Villain (M) Type O-E381

Ed Hardy: Villain (W) Type O-E391 

Love Spell (W) V.S. Type O-L311 

Black & White O-B661 

Bump & Grind O-B671 

Purple Rain O-P601 

Available in 1LB size only: 

Limelight: Bath & Body Works Type O-L30LB 

Enchant O-E37LB 

Orange Lavender O-O21LB 

Spice Market O-S49LB 

We have over 300 oils in stock every day. You can see them all here.