Get more Christmas and Kwanzaa Holiday Sales



Our economy is at an all-time low this year. Some customers will be tightening their wallets this Christmas and Kwanzaa season; but people will still be buying gifts for loved ones. Your question is if you can be the one these people buy from? Here are a few easy ways to get customers attention when they are in your store:

Personalization Make your customers entire shopping experience with you personal. There are many ways you can do this, and each way makes your customer feel happier about their purchase and more ready to purchase from you.

Personalize Personal Care - When it comes to lotions, incense, body butters, or oils, your customers can give a truly personal gift. Does your customers wife love lavender? Try scenting their body butter purchase with some lavender oil. You can even give a free dram bottle of oil to your customer upon their first purchase. Let them pick their favorite! This will keep people coming back later when the oil runs out again too.

 Free Gift Wrapping - Gift wrap is inexpensive, and it takes only a minute or two to wrap a purchase for a customer. If you put up a little sign that says 'free gift wrapping' it gives a customer one less thing to worry about.

 Ask Questions - Without being pushy, try to ask your customer questions in an effort to serve them better. If you see them noticing something, say 'are you looking for a gift for someone in particular?' if they say 'my wife', you can say 'if you want me to, I could tell you what a lot of the women have asked about for gifts this year', and you may spark your customers interest. Offer a Sale - Buy one oil, get the 2nd one 50% off. All kaftans 20% off. Get a free tic toc drum with any order over $50. These are all just examples of ways you can ramp up your sales this season. Discounts, free gifts, and incentives are all ways to help get a customer into your store and get them looking. There are hundreds of unique gift ideas at Africa Imports. Make sure your customers see that you have what they can't find anywhere else. See the most popular ideas for Christmas and Kwanzaa here.