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Girls Getting their Hair Done at Moukondo Orphanage

06/22/2009 12:44

Girls at Moukondo Orphanage 

At Africa Imports, a percentage of the money we make goes towards supporting the Moukondo Orphanage in Congo. We pay for the cost of meals and expenses for about 200 orphan children. Here's what a friend of ours who works with the orphanage said when she sent us this photo. "Here is Ms. Celestine with several of the orphans. The little girls were all getting their hair done that day - they use antibiotic powder to keep small sores from infecting surrounding tissue. They all looked so cute. It is cold/dry season now so all the kids have on warmer clothes - the adults were all sweating though!! It is so good being back. Once you have visited an orphanage you cannot help but return - I am so glad that the Lord Jesus will make it all right for each orphan that has been abused or neglected. HE has seen and is keeping record."

Africa Imports sends a big part of our profits to help support children like these in Africa. You can find out more about what we do here. Africa Imports also offers the biggest selection of African imported products anywhere west of the Atlantic ocean. You can visit our main website here.