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Give your home an authentic African flair with these new handcrafted items!

10/04/2012 12:20

Wooden Dogon Window/Door

Adorn your walls with these hand-crafted doors from Mali. They feature primordial beings, Kanaga masks, sun lizards, ancestors, and scenes of life and were used to protect a family’s grain storage. They are carved on several panels and secured together with iron staples. They are approximately 9.5” x 8.5”. Find out more here.

Calabash Bowl

These bowls served a variety of functions in African society. It was a used as a water drum, a tambourine and a bowl to hold food and flowers. The designs are burnt by hand onto the outside of the bowl making them one of a kind. They are approx. 8” tall and vary from 15-17” across. Whether you use it as a decoration or to house fresh fruits these bowls are sure to please. Click here to find yours now.