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Herboganic Black Seed Bitters

08/26/2014 13:37

Cleanse and totally detoxify your body with organic black seed bitters!

Why Black Seed Bitters? 

The #1 reason Black Seed Bitters are essential is because they are one of the only ways to prevent and relieve auto-intoxication. Anti-intoxication is a fancy term for a process of “self-poisoning”. And yes, it can be as scary as it sounds. When the digestive and elimination systems are not working properly to rid the body of build-up in the colon, the toxins are then absorbed from the colon into the bloodstream. They are then are carried back into every part of the body! In a nutshell, the body ends up poisoning itself with it's own wastes and toxins instead of carrying out its designed purpose of eliminating them. This can cause a landslide of health issues, including colon cancer, arthritis, headaches, depression, obesity, bad breath, indigestion, gas, bloating, and more! Take control of your health today! Click here now to get your bottle of Herboganic Black Seed Bitters