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How Africa Imports catalogs get you more customers

11/10/2008 14:41

Here's 3 ways to get more sales with your Africa Imports catalog.

1. Give your past customers a catalog. You give your best customers more choices; and you get more chances for sales. The newest Africa Imports clothing catalog has 311 ideas for your customers to choose from.

2. Give possible new customers a catalog. People can't find the products you offer at other stores. They will remember you better. They will find ideas that get them to start buying from you. Even if you give out more catalogs than you make sales from, each new customer can become a regular customer who helps your business grow faster later on. You can lose money on giving out catalogs and make back a lot more when you have a lot of customers.

3. Give people a special reason to look. You can make them a special offer if they buy from you soon. If you communicate that you care about your customer and your business when you give someone a catalog, they will be impressed. Personal service is hard for all of us to find now. For many people, this will be the main thing that they will remember about you, and it doesn't cost you anything more. There's another story of how another Africa Imports customer gets a lot of sales from his catalogs. See this older blog article here.