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How do I get the lowest prices?

07/24/2008 17:15

Here are the two main ways ways to get discounts at Africa Imports

1. Whenever you order 12 or more of the same item, you get 12 for the price of 10. This works out to a discount of 16.6% off of the regular price. If you order more than 12 of an item at one time, you get the same 16.6% discount on everything: not just the first group of 12. 

2. You get free shipping on orders of $400. or more. This discount does not count for oversized items; but for everything else, this is a really big discount. Shipping costs have gone up a lot in the last year or two. Gas prices are the main reason. If you order $400. of clothing, the free shipping discount makes it like getting several garments for free. 

Hopefully these two discounts can make your business stronger. Your savings can help you have more products and more choices for your customers. The extra choices mean that you sell more. The savings that you get mean that you make more on each sale. They say that it takes money to make money. Whenever you can use these discounts, you make your business stronger.